Emotional Intelligence: Academic and life long success

Social and Emotional Learning  (SEL) and  social and emotional development (SED) are  concepts that have been researched and applied in education for the past decade.  Seal et al  (2010) in his article on ‘Social emotional development: a new model of student learning in higher education’, stated that  SED is the integration of theory based on social intelligence and emotional intelligence and is the key for academic and life long success.

Seal et al (2010) explains that  SED provides a potential model of understanding and intervention for educators to examine and enhance the capacity of student to interact in an emotional and social environment.  Too, often educators focus narrow discipline based on content delivery, ignoring the full growth potential of our students. By focusing attention on the whole-student development …higher education will be better positioned to prepare students for an increasingly dynamic world as well as provide greater value added benefit for the time and cost of education.

There is an abundance of applied-research on the value of EI teaching and learning in higher education in universities in every corner of the globe  (Brackett and Rivers 2014); (Maraicheivi and Rajan 2013); (Adnan et al 2012); (Fayombo 2012)

  • Africa
  • Caribbean
  • India
  • Middle-East
  • Europe
  • USA