Emotional Intelligence & Design Thinking Project 2017

The project is based on the success and insights from the applied learning pilot project 2016 that involved second and final year students on the BA Hons Design Management and Cultures course.

The  project  involves 26 final year students and enhances the existing curricular of the Professional Practice and Major Project Units. A key feature is the online self-assessment learning and professional development tools, Clifton StrengthsFinder and Trait Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional intelligence is a critical predictor of academic performance, work and life success The project is aligned to LCC’s priorities around how students re-invent as professionals?  how they  increase  their employability and enterprise? how to  achieve a higher levels of attainment for all students. 

The project feature the Trait Emotional Intelligence (TEi) concept and Trait Emotional Intelligence  (TEIQue pronounced TQ) self assessment tool developed by Dr K. V. Petrides, director of the London Psychometric Laboratory, University College London.


According to Petrides, Pita and Kokkinadi (2007), Trait Emotional Intelligence is a constellation of emotional self-perceptions located at the lower level personality hierarchy, based on our attitudes, values, beliefs and personality.

TEIQue are comprehensive framework widely used in the workplace and education to measure a range of emotional perceptions:

  • Well-being Factor: Happiness, Optimism, Self-Esteem
  • Self Control Factor: Emotional Regulation, Impulse Control, Stress Management
  • Emotional Factor: Empathy, Emotional Perception, Emotional Expression, Relationships
  • Sociability Factor: Emotional Management, Assertiveness, Social Awareness
  • Independent Facets: Self Motivation, Adaptability

The Activities

  • Short film of the students stories, screening in Final Show, 15 June
  • Website for???
  • Roundtable led by Dr Petrides creator of Trait Emotional Intelligence, 22 May 2017, London College of Communication
  • Presentation at the 6th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence, Portugal, 19-21 July 2017.

The UAL/LCC  EI  Pioneers

  • BA Design Management and Cultures, Final Year students 2016/17
  • Maureen Salmon, Creative Entrepreneur Innovator, Researcher/Senior Lecturer, Design School
  • Andrew Slatter, Senior Lecturer & Graphic Designer, Design School
  • David Clement, BA Live Events & TV tutor, and second year BA Live Events & TV course, Screen School